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What are You Doing?

Its about a guy who is violating the conduct in a Asian neighborhood, A police chief catches him. The footage is recorded where on the tape a guy says this is payback. The chief takes the fugitive down in finds out he is a immigrant from America in Asia. Its a funny quick Skit

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jamie Foxx - Brady Bunch

jamie foxx

Jamie Foxx- Brady Bunch

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Official Beast Music Video

The actual Video is good. Shout out to our boy Impulse he doing his thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Impulse Tha Don Beast (Diss Parody) Squid The Greatest

How do you fail at dissing? So disrespectful quoted by Greg This dude is hilarious though.
I.....I Fell OFF

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just something thought of .........

We walk into the summer day, eyes looking hazy blown out smoke so they actually are gray. awkwardness deliberately puts you in challenge tugger here tugger there, tired of playing a silly game that we know isn't fair. You feel like you cant ever win so you holding weight on your back, lesson learned when people envy you don't trust them all they want is the hustle. A couple seconds later you find out your true friends and you wondering why they keep telling you they'll be back in a few years, it figures. I just want to face my reality, no more lies, no missed called so life wont have to be paused arrogance of others takes you in a spinning circle but life finds away to bring it back or revert you. Through the challenge we see that we cant change others we can only change ourselves so I'm fighting with myself is it stealth, no look right in front of you take the camera smile, the mirrors right in front you chase that dream you can do its not going anywhere. just remember don't waste your time we don't have anytime to spare.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Photos of Me By: Jessica- Edited By: Me

Here they are tell me what you think and now, look what I found.......................... A picture Jess and I from Prom.

Past Art Exhibits: Yoosuf

People Grow Up Fast

These are some photos I took of my Little Cousin Jabari. Good looks run in the family. Must be the indian and everything else. Its like a endless journey of finding what your mixed with. Ex) what kind of dog is that? I Don't  Even Know. That explains why we call them all the same thing. Oh, I forgot I Cut hair too. I did this haircut

Photography By: Yoosuf Blake